Our company was founded in 1981 in Aguascalientes, Mexico,  under the firm name: -Beam Lamsa Aguascalientes .

Our main business is the conversion , maintenance , consulting, training and selling of everything related to the LP gas and natural gas CNG for automotive use .

In the first fiscal year  we converted  1692 units of Gas to LP Gas. In 2002. Our first headquarters were inaugurated by the then Governor of Jalisco Mr. Alberto Cárdenas Jiménez, and the president of IMPCO Technologies, Mr. Robert Kranz in Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico .

In 2005, Our company has been diversified into the electronics sector, developing automotive safety systems such as electronic speed controllers , reverse cameras with sensors with different features and applications. We also evolve to cover different applications for the needs of fleets in Mexico and Latin America.

Nowadays We have fifth generation sequential injection systems for LP Gas and Natural Gas CNG. We have different industrial products such as LP gas electronic records, valves, hoses, etc.   In our product security line, we have different speed controllers, DVR recorders and cameras for various fleet applications.



To keep growing as a company within the systems and conversions to alternative fuels, and create our  electronic development  laboratory to satisfy our client´s fleets in Mexico and Latin America.


Commercialization of alternative fuel systems, with world-class quality through constant innovation in creating solutions for automotive safety fleets in Mexico and Latin America. We are committed to improve the ecological environment with cleaner fuels and seek satisfaction of the expectations of our customers, employees, partners and suppliers within the existing legal framework.


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