Advantages of LPG as a fuel

 A very important advantage of LP Gas as a fuel is the cost of itself.

 It leaves no residue or deposits of coal which cause jingle and block the openings of lubrication causing wearing of vital engine parts. There are no varnishes that scratch or  worn pistons. 

 Do not wash the lubricating oil, the oil is not diluted; retains its purity and viscosity, it can last for three to four times more than the normal time on gasoline. 

 It doesn´t  carbonize the  spark plugs and it lasts longer. 

 LPG doesn´t contain tetraethyl lead, a compound highly toxic carcinogen. 

 Combustion is almost complete thus lowering emissions of poisonous carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. 

 The tanks are hermetic. 

 Decreases the stealing of  fuel bills are unalterable. 

 The fuel pump is not required and there is no gasoline drowning in the engine. 

 The LP Gas combustion doesn´t burn completely all the hydrocarbons. This was solved by placing a three-way catalyst. 

 LPG doesn´t ruin nor waste the catalytic converter like gasoline does.