Sequential Injection in L.P. Gas


Sequent Plug & Drive is the new LPG & GNC conversion system developed by BRC. Born on the basis of the experiences of Sequent systems, but characterized by its completely innovative technology, that can lead normally fuels such as natural gas and LPG to supply powered electronic ignition engines. The system is based on a consolidated hardware structure which includes pressure reducer, BRC injectors, a pressure and temperature sensor integrated in the rail and a powerful and robust electronic control unit. The main innovation is the engine control software that thanks to new management algorithms , allows to optimize the dosage of gaseous fuel in a simple and intuitive way, allowing the installer to obtain simply the best results. To ensure greater integration with the petrol engine system control and to meet OBD requirements, Sequent Plug & Drive is equipped with a diagnostic system developed based on the system  that allows communication with the original OBD vehicle system.



The vaporizer or pressure reductor can guarantee a precise and stable pressure calibration in time, as well as fast response times to better follow the variations of power applied to the motor and thanks to the high flow rates,  the supply of powerful engines in Version Genius Max (up to 240 Kw) . The electronic control unit , developed with the BRC´s great experience in the field of sequential injection systems, uses a powerful, versatile and robust hardware architecture. It may in fact ensure control of the amount of fuel injected always accurate and timely in each function condition, as well as being prepared for a very evolved gas diagnostic system  capable of accomplish required regulations as well as the requirements of car manufacturers. Versatility is ensured with many planned predispositions to lead the most demanding cars, and the ability to communicate with the vehicle OBD system gasoline . The results criteria used , the choice of components and strict validation tests in which the switchboard has been tested on different stages of its development, guarantee its strenght , also in case of bad installation operations.

The Sequent Plug & Drive system uses  small dimensions sensors and integrated connectors. These sensors ,  allow a more accurate reading of the physical parameters , which in combination with the engine,  improve the system operation:

– Pressure sensor and temperature: It´s in the rail body. It accurately reads the values ​​of gas temperature and pressure. The introduction into the rail allows NOT to install it in the engine compartment. 

– MAP sensor with integrated connector: it is a small size sensor, light weight and perfect to use with aspirated engines like turbo. Its easy to install it because of its small size and weight. 

– Cooling sensor liquid temperature: it is installed in the body of the pressure reducer. It allows to execute the gasoline to gas transformation when necessary conditions are achieved. 



After installing Sequent Plug & Drive, the control of all equipment and gas supply is directed through the switchboard of BRC gas: This is done thanks to the lead of the electro injectors, which are adapted to the corresponding gas injection time. 

Sequent Plug & Drive controls by result  the gas carburation, keeping the same control strategies of the gasoline switchboard, optimizing in real time the fuel amount to obtain an optimal carburation, which is related to pollution and external conditions like temperature, and fuel composition.