Speed Controllers


Conventional Speed controllers

Technical Data

Speed control

Automotive box with electronic card manufactured and designed by CARBURAGAS


Polarization prevents surge protection and control for the controller.

Solenoide de gas calibrado

It is used only in LP Gas powered vehicles.

Leed function indicator

Indicates if the controller is activated by adjusting the speed 


Audible alarm, indicates when the operator is reaching the calibrated  speed limit .


Distinctive sticker made of reflective material. 

Insulating tape and thermocontractil

All joints must be properly welded and insulated to avoid false contacts. 


Cable protector

Terminals and cables For automotive use
Programmer or calibrator

Box tha looks like a remote control to wirelessly calibrate speed or rpm 




The speed control designed by CARBURAGAS regulates the automotive speed through intelligent software that detects if the computer is violated or mutilated, preventing its ignition, once the operator turn the unit off. (sabotage code). 

The speed control can be performed in speed or RPM units. 

The speed calibration or programming can be done wirelessly easily and simply.

It is required a programmer who is very important because for several vehicles, he will prevent that any person could be able to change the speed and reset the sabotage code. 

The system has an audio indicator to the operator, so he can be aware of the controlled speed. The controller can be used in Gas L.P. Petrol or Diesel. 

The signals required for driver installation are: For speed (speed sensor) and for the RPM (crankshaft position sensor)