Technical Aspects

 How a CNG powered vehicle is supplied and how long does it takes to do it?

Supplying a CNG car is made by connecting the distributor gun with the pressured charging socket  of CNG. 
In a modern gas station equipped with weight distributors, the operation may take 2/3 minutes for a car of average size (80-100 liter tank.) 

 How much gasoline equals to one kilo of CNG? 

A kilo of CNG is equivalent to about 1.5 liters of gasoline. 

 How much gasoline equals to one cubic meter of CNG? 

A cubic meter of CNG is equivalent to about 1.1 liters of gasoline. 

 Can a vehicle transformed with GNC equipment be self sufficient?

Example: In a 80 liter tank there are about 20 cubic feet equivalent of CNG. If you could imagine walking on an average of 14 km with CNG cubic meter (equivalent to walk about of 12.5 km / gasoline), autonomy will be of  almost 280 km. 

 Does the GNC equipment impairs the engine? 

The GNC equipment does not harm the proper functioning of the engine in any way, on the contrary, it extends its lifespan. 

 Is there power loss in an engine converted to CNG? 

With state of the art equipment (multipoint sequential injection gas fasada SEQUENT BRC) the  difference driving in regular conditions is almost imperceptible. Power loss is more noticeable with older equipment  (traditional mixture systems), especially if they are not equipped with electronic systems of advance variation.

To make a real and meaningful comparison, we would have to consider that 1 kg. of CNG is equivalent to about 1.5 liters of gasoline. In practice, the cost savings traveling with CNG is remarkable.