Gas LP Technical Data

We have mentioned that the fuel does not burn in a liquid state, but in the vapor state. This is favorable because the LPG simplicity to become vapor is much higher and its exploitation  in consecuence is much better. With wasted fuel using gasoline we replace about 20% of the difference which in calorific values ​​have LPG in its core. 

Physical properties  60ª F Butane Propane Gasoline
Chemical formula Cy H10 C3 H8 C5 H12 C12 H26
Normal phase  to atmospheric pressure  Gas Gas Liquid
Boliling point +32º 44º

+97º initial

+400º final

Octane number 94 110 80
Weight x gallon 4.81 lb 4.24 lb 6.16lb
BTU x galln 102.032 91.547 124.600
BTU x pound 21.212 21.591 20.227
Water specific gravity +1 0.576 0.508 0.739
Ignition gravity % air by mass 1.9 x 8.6 2.4 a 9.6 5 a 27
Ignition temperature 980º 950º 860º
Air relation/ combustible by weight 15.45 15.68 15.05
Air relation / combustible CCr mass. 30.94 23.80 59.50