What is LP Gas?

 What is the LPG fuel?

The LPG designation stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Internationally, the acronym used  is LPG.  This is a product obtained of the refining of crude oil and natural gas as well as from the oil fields.  This Gas is a hydrocarbon of very complex composition, but mainly constituted by propane and butane.

 What are the specific characteristics of the supply of LPG vehicles?

Used in Internal Combustion, LPG provides excellent benefits regarding power, elasticity and good engine function. Prevents premature wear, prolongs the duration of the spark plugs, valves and pistons and maintains the same properties of engine oil longer. 

For gasoline and diesel vehicles is widely known that the main pollutants are carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides and very fine particulate matter (microscopic, containing a mixture of chemicals-only elements for diesel engines). These pollutants still represent a big problem to solve. 
LPG has emissions of oxides of carbon and nitrogen polled lower than gasoline engines, and in case of nitrogen oxides and fine particulate contaminates about 90% less than any diesel vehicle. 

 Is it true that fuel LPG damage the evehicle engine?

LPG equipment does not affect the correct operation of the engine in any way, on the contrary, it extends its durability. 

 Is it allowed to install the LPG equipment on a family car, a personnel carrier or cargo?

Yes, it is allowd by the 2010 (Official Mexican Standard ) NOM 005.

 What is the power loss of a converted engine to LPG?

In case of more modern equipment (multipoint sequential gas injection SEQUENT BRC) the difference in performance in the regular use of the car while driving is imperceptible (about 2-3% loss of power), while it gets more sensitive with  less evolved teams (traditional mixing equipment). 

 Is there a change in the consumption using LPG?

LPG has lower specific energy than gasoline and naturally, the increase in consumption is about 10%. 

 With heavy traffic, are there any restrictions for LPG powered vehicles to move?

Thanks to the low emissions, LPG ​​vehicles can circulate freely in historic districts even with  traffic restrictions, except where otherwise stated. 

 How can I be exempt to the program "Hoy no circula", using LP Gas in my vehicles?